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Accuracy is everything

When repairers rely on your quoting system to get their jobs done, accuracy really does matter. Through e-CrashList, your quoting system will pull up correct dealer prices and parts descriptions every time. Repairers will appreciate the accuracy of your data and trust your system to get the job done. This flexible web solution was developed to permit integration with all qualified quoting systems in use in Australia, so there will be a level playing field.

Immediate efficiency

Constantly re-keying new data on parts and prices can be a never-ending battle. e-CrashList eliminates the re-keying so your people can focus on providing more important day-to-day service to your customers.

Absolute security and proactive support

You can trust the information exchanged with our secure web interface. All data is encrypted and access is password protected. We will advise and support your development team to ensure that the published programmatic interface between e-CrashList and your company's quoting system is properly implemented by your team.

To find out how supporting the e-CrashList interface can make a difference in your business, please contact us.

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