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Finally, there is one source for accurate, up-to-the-minute part prices and information for all makes of vehicles in Australia. e-CrashList was designed specifically for the way we do smash repairs in Australia, and is supported by the team at Stelvio Australia Pty. Ltd.

Organized by Crashlist for each make and model of vehicle, the data in e-CrashList is a must-have for repair shops and quoting system providers. Our system does the research and is updated continuously. That means the prices, parts numbers and descriptions in e-CrashList are always current, verified correct from the dealers.

Most importantly, e-CrashList lets you automatically prepare accurate invoices. It is simply a faster, better way to verify prices and specify parts. Available by subscription, the information in e-CrashList can be shared with any qualified quoting system in use in Australia.